Shawn Wilson--Owner

Shawn's passion for art and jewelry making is practically in her blood, having been inspired by her grandmother at an early age.  Now, with her successful jewlery line, Shaviq Designs, Shawn's pieces headline the gallery.  Women from all over the world have admired her jewelry and many often come back time and time again to purchase another piece.  Shawn works tirelessly to create beautiful works that are one-of-a-kind, often incorporating repurposed materials and parts from vintage jewelry.

Artist of the month

Sam Has been facinated with wood from a cery early age. My Grandfather, Father, and her Brothers have all been carpenters. Quite Literally, wood has always been a part of her life, which is why it is such and important part of her her art. She can remember going to her father and wanting a sheet of plywood to draw on as a kid and he gave her foam insulation instead. Needless to say, even as a 5 year old, she was a bit saddend that I couldn't have wood to draw on. As an adult, Sam works with wood mainly, frequently saving discarded and unwanted pieces from becoming trash. These pieces become her canvases and she strives to let the beauty of the wood shine through.  


Sam grew up in Whitewood, South Dakota, playing in the parks, climbing trees and developing a great love of nature. That fascination with nature lead her into a career as a professional artist. She Pursued this career by studying at the Metropolitan Sate College of Denver and Black Hills State University to reciveve my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. She currently lives in Box Elder, SD with her Husband, Doug, and our Dogs.  


You can Find more of Sam's work at And

Sam Uttecht Heltibridle

Oliver Burgoyne

Oliver is a full time high school and middle school art teacher in the Lead-Deadwood school district, and a part -time artist.  He teaches many mediums: sculpture, ceramics, drawing, painting, and photography, focusing on watercolor painting, drawing, and ceramics for his own art.  As an avid hiker, his art is mainly inspired by nature, especially the beautiful Black Hills.


Dave Zuhr

​As a self-procaimed HDRtist, Dave is doing something different in a boldly beautiful way.  In addition to his stunning works of art, Dave is also available for as he says, "almost anything photographic." 
 Modeling, Fashion, Pinup, Fitness, Real Estate, Family and Events.


You can find more of his images at:

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Dianna Young

Dianna young, award winning author and public speaker, has worked in various aspects of publishing for nearly twenty years.  After several years in the industry, she went on to start her own regional newspaper in the midwest before starting two successful regional magazines for which she served as editor and publisher.  Muted grey has received top honors by the following book award programs: 2012 world book award recipient for best literary fiction, 2012 pinnacle book achievement award winner, character building counts gold award for literary fiction, 2012 indie excellence book award finalist in two categories - literary fiction and cover design, 2012 readers favorite book award finalist.  --Muted grey is ms. Young’s first published novel. at

Lalenia Seifert

​​Inspired by childhood years spent with her artistic grandmother, Lalenia has faced the inevitable fact that that she, too, has always been an artist.  Now as a wife and mother, she loves seeing the art gene being passed down through the generations.  Of all the mediums her grandmother introduced her to, she has most enjoyed pen & ink, and oil painting.


She has lived in Rapid City since 1993, thoroughly enjoying all seasons of outdoor activity with her wonderful and supportive family.  Lalenia went back to school to become a cosmotologist and loves the marriage of compassion and creativity she finds there.

Jessica Johnson--Wild Hare Boutique

​Born and raised in Rapid City, Jessica earned a degree in special education from the University of Wyoming.  After being diagnosed with a rare auto-immune disorder, she reconnected with art and the creative process that she has always loved.


"Making pottery, handspun yarn, jewelry, [lotions and soaps] is therapeutic for me and gives me the motivation I need to handle the daily challenges of living with Churg-Strauss Syndrome."


Wild Hare Boutique can be found on Etsy and Facebook.


the artist makena

I am inspired by color, shape and line – among many other things.


I love typography, graphic design, my partner in crime and grilled cheese sandwiches + tomato soup.


Having completed my degrees a little over a year ago, I have a 

Double Major in both Art as well as Graphic Design/Communication.


I now work as the Creative Developer for several businesses in the downtown area.


Oh, and I believe in unicorns AND dragons. Yeah; take that, reality.

Marina Astakhova

​Originally from Kerch Crimea, Ukraine, Marina settled in Rapid City in 2009 with her husband and son, bringing her passion for photography and felting to the Black Hills.  Her incredible felted still life and portrait work bring a modern feel to an ancient art form.


Also see her photographic works at: